Karen Ball


Karen Ball is a transplanted Texan who currently lives in Missouri. Having lived all over the United States, as well as a stint in South America, Karen has picked up tactics and techniques of art from all over. As a result, she has a unique approach to art.


But for Karen, as she brings a new project to light, the joy derives from taking something internal, and creating it with her hands for all the world to see.


In addition to art, Karen is a writer of both prose and songs. She loves gardening and flowers.


Karen always has a smile on her face, and she's quick to share that smile with everyone she meets. She is married and has one adult daughter, and her husband and daughter are her biggest supporters and fans.


During the past few years, Karen has branched off into the field of graphic art, and she had created cover art for fiction novels. For examples of Karen's work visit Dayne Gearner.

My name is Karen Ball, and I have been painting, in many forms for
thirty-two years. . My husband and I moved to Hermann, Missouri in the fall of 2000.
We have been fortunate enough to live in many places, both in this country
and abroad. I was born and reared in Texas, and most recently, we lived on
the northern coast of Venezuela, South America.
My art encompasses four types: floral, western, landscapes, and
abstracts. I started working in oils, and more recently have been painting
in pastels and colored pencils. In the past year, I have branched off into
the field of graphic art, designing and painting cover art for fiction novels.
I love color and design, so I am drawn to all forms of fine art. It is a
joy and inspiration to explore creativity on this level.



Karen Ball had a lifelong desire to paint, and when she finally picked up a
brush, over thirty years ago, she never looked back. She found an instructor, a little lady in East Texas, who showed her the basics, such as how to clean brushes, how to square off, how to transfer to canvas. That was all she needed to turn her loose on an art adventure.

Karen has taken a class or two over the years, but the majority of her knowledge is self-taught.

Karen started off painting in oils on canvas boards, but has progressed to many
forms of media and many types of surfaces.


She has been known to say, "If it stands still long enough, I can paint on it!" Karen has painted on
wooden table leafs, saws, crockery and even light switch covers.